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Apr 6, 2010
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Recommended Foods You Can Take with Phentermine Diet Pills

What food you eat is very important when you start a diet program with Phentermine. This diet pill is becoming very popular in the market because a lot of people attest that they can lose weight in a short period of time with this pill.

Phentermine is actually an appetite suppressant. This means that you will not look for food and crave for food like you do. But food is a very essential part of life and taking in Phentermine does not mean that you do not have to eat food entirely. This simply means that you should take food that are right for you, can do good for your health and will not add up to your body weight. But what are these foods?

Foods that are rich in fiber are a very good addition to your diet when taking Phentermine pills. Both insoluble and soluble fiber can help you in losing weight. When we talk about insoluble fiber, this is the type of food that can provide volume for food but does to add up on calories. Foods that are rich in insoluble fiber are whole wheat bread, cereal, wheat bran, and fruits and vegetables.

Soluble fiber, on the other hand, can help you in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. When you take this type of fiber foods, you are actually controlling your cravings and hunger. Taking foods with soluble fiber is a good support when taking in Phentermine pills, which can also help you lose your appetite. This type of food takes time when transmitting food to your gut, which means that you have a feeling of fullness at a longer period of time. Some of the examples of food rich in soluble fiber are pears, apples, oatmeal, beans, cheak peas and strawberries.
Aside from foods that are high in fiber, you can also take in foods that are high in lean protein. Foods with protein can help you increase your metabolism. With a high metabolism, you can burn those unwanted fats and calories off your body at a much faster rate, especially if you do some exercises and workouts on a regular basis. Whenever you are on a diet and taking Phentermine, make sure that you have meals with foods that have a good amount of lean protein. These includes canned tuna, chicken breast, salmon, crab, turkey, shrimp, egg whites, turkey, tilapia, lean red meat, tofu, low fat dairy, lentils and beans.

People taking Phentermine and are on a diet attest that juicy foods are good foods to take in with this diet pill. Juicy foods are actually fruits and vegetables that have high water content. The water and the fruit can fill you up fast and can satisfy your hunger. They can also help you eat less all through out the day. Some of the popular juicy foods that you can have are mushrooms, lettuce, watermelon, tomatoes, cantaloupe and cucumber.


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