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Jan 5, 2009
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The weight loss drug Duromine® (Phentermine) is an appetite suppressant. The active ingredient within Duromine® is the generic drug phentermine. Phentermine is combined with a resin to create slow release which prolongs the effects of Duromine®.

There are many people that consider Duromine pill as Duromine pill and Phentermine pill as Phentermine pill, they think that the pills are different. Well, I’m saying you now the truth: Phentermine and Duromine pills are same pills, not similar, they are same pills. Just some pharmacy companies called them with different names and pack them in different packages to gain additional money. Here is one prove http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duromine. To clarify this more clear, Duromine is a brand name for a generic drug called Phentermine. The main purpose of this product is to suppress your desire to eat a lot of food. What it does is it helps you lose weight by suppressing any of your cravings for food. When you buy Duromine and start your medication, know that it is not suggested for long-term medication. It is important to know that as you buy Duromine online and start medication, it is designed only for short-term use.

You can employ various methods in your attempt to lose weight. Some people have bought every thinkable exercise machine available to help them, while others prefer new methods. Surgery is also one option to lose all excessive body fat. In spite of competition, one weight loss supplement that has survived popular throughout the years is the diet pill.

Another good thing about that pharmacy is that they offer free doctor consultation and do not require previous duromine / phentermine prescription. Yes, they sell phentermine without prescription.

Duromine® is manufactured by 3M and distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.

What does Duromine® look like?

Duromine capsules are available in Australia in three strengths, 15mg, 30mg or 40mg, in packs of 30 capsules.


Duromine 15mg capsules:

  • grey and green and marked DUROMINE 15
  • AUST R 10941

Duromine 30mg capsules:

  • grey and reddish brown and marked DUROMINE 30
  • AUST R 76680

Duromine 40mg capsules:

  • grey and orange and marked DUROMINE 40
  • AUST R 10942

What is Duromine prescribed for?

Duromine is an appetite suppressant and has successfully been helping people lose weight since it was released onto the market. It is designed to be used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Who should Duromine be prescribed for?

Duromine is only recommended for use amongst patients who are medically classed as heavily overweight or obese. Only people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 27+ and who suffer from a related illness such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes are normally considered as suitable candidates for the drug.

Duromine is not recommended for:

  • Children of 16 years or younger
  • The elderly

How does Duromine work?

Duromine is an appetite suppressant. Hunger cravings are reduced as the active chemical ingredient in Duromine effects the parts of the central nervous system. The active ingredient in Duromine is Phentermine. Phentermine is chemically similar to amphetamine and increased energy levels are common amongst patients.

It is recommended that Duromine be taken as an accompaniment to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Duromine Ingredients

Duromine capsules contain

  • phentermine
  • lactosevliquid paraffin
  • magnesium stearate
  • gelatin
  • titanium dioxide
  • carbon black

The resin that is mixed with the generic ingredient phentermine to form Duromine creates a slow release effect which is designed to extend the effects of the pill throughout the day.

Additionally, Duromine 15mg contains:

  • brilliant blue FCF
  • iron oxide yellow

Additionally Duromine 30mg contains:

  • iron oxide red

Additionally Duromine 40mg contains:

  • erythrosine
  • sunset yellow FCF

Duromine capsules are gluten-free.

Who makes Duromine?

DUROMINE is manufactured and supplied in Australia by:

3M Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

9-15 Chilvers Road

Thornleigh NSW 2120


DUROMINE is distributed in New Zealand by:

3M New Zealand Limited

250 Archers Road




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