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May 5, 2010

My Story – Read how I lost 54 pounds in 3 months with PHENTERMINE

Hey everybody, this is Jacky, I am 27 years old girl from Liverpool, UK (yeah I like to call me a girl :-). The reason to create this blog is that I want to share with you my weight loss success.

As a working and studying girl, I know that losing weight, and keeping the pounds off can be next to impossible. My weight problem started very early in life, probably around 12.

I remember starting diets every “Monday” since I was 14 or so. On 18 I was already 196 pounds, and on 21 I weight 237 pounds. I was fat and the feeling was awful. I’ve tried so many diets and the result was NONE – really. Than one of my girlfriends recommended me Phentermine 37.5mg pills.

After I read some information and heard a lot nice opinions I decided to give a shot and to buy Phentermine.

I bought it from Online Pharmacy( if you want to see the link CLICK HERE ).

Another good thing about that pharmacy is that they offer free doctor consultation and do not require previous phentermine prescription. Yes, they sell phentermine without prescription. They have this great offer.

Got the pills 10 days later without any problems, they were shipped in discreet package. The only side effect I have experienced thus far is a nasty taste in my mouth and COMPLETE LOSS OF APPETITE!!!!!!! which is great. I cut out the sodas a month before I started taking phentermine and I started walking around that same time. I know that phentermine 37.5mg pill works with no exercise and little change in diet, but I also know that if I don’t change my lifestyle I will gain every pound back. I also think the lifestyle change is the key to ultimate success (not gaining the weight back after going off the pill). Fast results are what everyone wants with any product but its gonna have to be our jobs to take advantage. Believe me guys Phentermine pills are really helping to lose weight. After one week I had lost 5 pounds. After a month I was lost 22 pounds from my weight. I was really astonished when on the 3rd month from my Phentermine diet I was lost the amazing 54 pounds. I bought a package for my boyfriend too. Phentermine really helps.

I’ve reached my goal and I feel great now!

So if you want to try with Phentermine read some articles in my blog and don’t wonder to order.

The summer is close guys – BE READY!

Here is some pictures from my diet period. Don’t forget to write here has phentermine diet pill helped you, just post a comments below and I’ll be happy to read them.

Before PhentermineBefore after phentermine
After phentermine

Phentermine weight loss pills assist overweight people lose the weight they need in just a few weeks and the results can be seen after just one week of use. Although Phentermine 37.5mg is sold by prescription in the United States. It is possible to buy Phentermine in online pharmacies usually at a reasonable price. A Phentermine online pharmacy can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to take it. It has proven to be a safe and effective form of weight loss. Phentermine has assisted hundred of thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals and become slim, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

The major advantage that Phentermine 37.5 has over all other diet pills is that is works with your body and you are guaranteed to lose weight! You can buy Phentermine 37.5 today without a prescription!

Thanks for reading my story. 



Jacky Hey, I'm Jacky from Liverpool, UK and I had a weight problems for 13 years. I don't have much time to visit the Gym, because of my job - a cashier, so I tried to find another method to reduce my weight without putting myself on a suffer with diets.
I heard about Phentermine pills and decided to try it. Really, I tested about 4 kind of slimming pills before I found the One I liked and actually worked - Phentermine.
So I created this site to help other people who want to know more about Phentermine pills but don't want to have to go through the trial and error of finding out which one works like I did.

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